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Vice Principal and Undercover Musician: Beau Talley

Beau Talley

“I hated school… I mean I really hated school. But now, I love my job!”

Meet Beau

These aren’t the words you expect to hear from a vice principal, but Beau Talley, the vice principal of a performing arts high school said them. The self taught musician plays several instruments including guitar, piano and trumpet and played for his church growing up. When asked if being the lead musician of a church helped prepare him for his current career he laughs and says “Absolutely! Growing up in the church taught me how to do with a lot of different personalities!”¬†After playing by ear for several years, he joined the marching band and took music lessons. This was the beginning of a shift on his view on education. “Those lessons are what taught me discipline.”

As a student, he was impatient and uninterested in the work, but as an adult he began writing and producing commercial jingles and music for kids shows. Later when he fell into the career of a music teacher, he looked for opportunities to engage students who were like himself. He found that just as it had been for him, music education was a great gateway to overall academic success for his students.

What’s Next for Beau?

Mr. Talley is currently recording a solo album. He says, “I’ve done so much recording for other people; it’s time I express who I am through music.”

Advice for Young Musicians?

“Patience. Many people in the industry have egos and are easily rattled. If you choose to be patient with people, people will be drawn to you.”

Music education can take you many places, even back to the places you’d least expect. Where will music take you?