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We Give & T.I. May Match Our Donations!

In partnership with Tidal, T.I. is challenging education organizations to raise funds for their causes and one of the TOP FIVE will receive a matching gift from him. Every dollar you give, gets us closer to having that dollar doubled!

Donate to The MusicianShip’s Summer Camp

How will the money be used? Primarily, so that we can hire (and pay!) amazing music teachers. A key element that separates The MusicianShip from other music ed orgs is that the teachers play a dual mentor/teacher role in the student’s lives.

We are asking that you give what you can – $15, $50, or $5,000 – whatever works with your budget! All you have to do is visit the link below! (And feel free to share this with others using the #TidalXMoneyTalk  and #TheMusicianShip hashtag!)

Donate to The MusicianShip’s Summer Camp

Thanks again for all your support!