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Meet Father, Drummer, Producer: Jamal Moore

The MusicianShip is fortunate enough to have earned the admiration and support of world renowned musicians – our Ambassadors. From time to time, they serve The MusicianShip as mentors, instructors, and clinicians. One of our Ambassadors, Jamal Moore, visited our program and performed for 160 students.

Although Jamal has played with P. Diddy, T.I., Kelly Rowland, Byron Cage, Cee Lo Green, and the Backstreet Boys, to name a few, he made time to share is passion for music education with us. As a father and a musician, Jamal Moore understands how important it is to help our youth get to that place where they are happy and content with perfecting a craft that they love it. In this episode, listen to Jamal passionately share what it means to give back to the community and impart knowledge so that our upcoming generations have the same opportunities to excel in greatness. Like the video? Share it with a friend!