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Music. Merchandise. Impact.


We recently launched The MusicianShip’s Apparel Initiative, which is dually focused on fashionable clothing and community impact. We want you to look good, feel great, and make a difference at the same time! As The MusicianShip endeavors to create a more vibrant, educated, and empowered world, we are releasing t-shirts and sweatshirts for you to wear and collect, while impacting lives.

Adorned with music-infused messages that resonate with cool people in different ways, we hope to earn your purchase and hope that you’ll share your purchase and apparel photos with your social media networks. Don’t forget to tag us @TheMusicianShip!

100% of the proceeds from our Apparel Initiative will support The MusicianShip’s mission to change lives with music.


Every T-shirt you purchase provides 20 minutes of music instruction for a group of 10 students.

Every Sweatshirt you purchase provides 30 minutes of music instruction for a group of 10 students.

Every 10 shirts we sell puts a child through our entire six-week summer program.

Please visit to learn more about our Apparel Initiative and help us out by making a purchase! Thank you in advance for your support!