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The MusicianShip Acquires the Washington Area Music Association And Brings Back The Wammies

The MusicianShip Organization Acquires the Washington Area Music Association And Brings Back The Wammies

Changing Lives With Music

On Monday, August 6, members of the Washington Area Music Association (WAMA) were notified that despite WAMA’s announcement to dissolve earlier this year, the highly-popular Wammie Award Show would be returning in early 2019.

While WAMA has officially dissolved, it has passed the mantle to The MusicianShip. WAMA Co-Founder John Simson, who serves on The MusicianShip’s Board, says, “I can think of no better torch bearer than The MusicianShip.”

The organization’s mission to provide free music programs to youth in underserved communities will bring a service component to former WAMA members that hasn’t previously been incorporated.

The MusicianShip’s Executive Director, Jeff Tribble Jr., says, “We’re excited to continue WAMA’s 34-year-old celebration of D.C.-area artists and musicians and look forward to working with members of the WAMA community to impact the next generation of D.C.-area creatives.”

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CONTACT: Jeffery Tribble Jr.
Executive Director, The MusicianShip