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Supporter Spotlight: Jonnese Crandol

At The MusicianShip, we understand how our great programming would not be possible without the commitment and contributions of our supporters. Every dollar donated, time volunteered, and talent given is appreciated and does not go unnoticed.

Today, we’re highlighting one of our superstar supporters, Jonnese Crandol. She recently celebrated her 30th birthday, and while most young adults take this milestone moment to shine the spotlight on their emerging adulthood, this practicing attorney decided to use her birthday celebration as an opportunity to give back.

Header - Supporter Spotlight: Jonnese Crandol


Q: Tell us how you first heard about or got involved with The MusicianShip.

I first heard about The MusicianShip back in 2009 while talking randomly on the phone with Jeff Tribble. Over the years, Jeff has reached out to me to come to a Dianne’s Recital performance, and I’ve always felt bad because I’m never able to go! However, I always purchase a ticket or two. I remember once attending a fundraiser at his apartment probably back in 2010 or 2011.

Q: Tell us why you decided to incorporate a fundraiser for The MusicianShip at your 30th birthday party? How did the idea emerge?

For one of my good friend’s wedding, she and her husband decided that they really didn’t need any gifts since they both traveled a lot for their jobs, lived across the country, and their apartment at the time was not that large. So instead, they decided to have their guests donate to their favorite charities. So I thought it would be nice to do that for my birthday as well since I figured I really didn’t need anything. I didn’t want the charitable organization to be something cliché. Rather, I wanted to have a personal connection with the organization, and then it hit me— Why not The MusicianShip?

Q: How much were you able to raise? Did you set a fundraising goal?

We raised approximately $750. I had a personal goal of $1000, but $750 is still great!

Q: Why do you support music education? More specifically, why do you support The MusicianShip?

I support music education because I know the positive impact it has on youth. It saddens me that so many schools are cutting funding for music education or the arts in general across the country. I chose The MusicianShip because I know and remember the reason why it was created. I also have seen the positive impact it has had on the Washington, DC youth, and it truly warms my heart.

Q: What would you tell someone who is considering donating to The MusicianShip?

I would tell someone that there’s nothing really to “consider” when determining whether to donate to The MusicianShip. You can personally witness the growth of each youth who participates with The MusicianShip—whether musically or on a personal level. You know that your donation is actually going to be used as an agent of change.

Q: How has music education or arts education affected you personally as a child, adult, or both?

Wow, without music education or arts education, I honestly don’t know where I’d be! I never played any instruments, but I was always involved in choir. I also took music theory. I also used to dance, and I currently coach the dance team at my former high school. Music and arts education teaches you discipline and structure. I will always cherish my former dance and music instructors because they taught me so much.

Q: Why do you think music education should be a priority for philanthropists?

Music education should be a priority for philanthropists because, again, it teaches kids discipline. It also offers kids an opportunity to learn new things.

Q: What do you wish people knew about The MusicianShip?

I wish people knew the sincere desire to uplift at-risk youth and expose them to new and positive experiences. I also wish people knew the level of dedication from the music instructors, directors, and founders.

Q: How do you hope your fundraising efforts will support The MusicianShip’s work or mission?

I hope my fundraising will be used to further the ultimate mission of The MusicianShip. If it is used to help further the music educational growth of just one youth, I’d be satisfied. I’m 100% positive it will be used the way it should be used. That can’t be said for a lot of charitable organizations.