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The MusicianShip Acquires the DC Funk Parade


The MusicianShip will now be home to the DC Funk Parade!

Starting in 2019, the community-based music and arts festival which boasts 70,000 attendees each year will be produced by The MusicianShip.

What’s the DC Funk Parade all about?

“It honors the power of bringing people together and making them feel all right,” says founders Justin Rood and Chris Naoum, both DC residents. “We can proudly say Funk Parade is now the greatest one-day extravaganza for musicians and artists in the region.”

Each year the Funk Parade hosts over 50 musical acts in the U Street neighborhood, along with other arts and culture performances.

“We are excited and honored to take the Funk Parade baton and give it a permanent and lasting home with The MusicianShip,” said Jefferey Tribble Jr., our Executive Director.  “We look forward to producing this event and helping keep the spirit of funk alive in DC for a long time to come.”