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Read about Washington Youth Choir Spring Concert.

The Washington Youth Choir Delivers a Captivating Spring Concert

The evening of Tuesday, June 5th was unforgettable for the attendees of the Washington Youth Choir Spring Concert at Columbia Heights Education Campus. Under the artistic direction of Gregory Watkins, our students poured their hearts out with a variety of well-known songs and original arrangements. In addition, the elite ensemble of the class of 2018 dazzled the crowd with their specially prepared Senior Showcase.

Thank you to those who dedicated their evenings to supporting the hard work of these students—from parents, to friends, to relatives, to the community. Your cheers, applause and smiling faces made it a pleasure for our youth and staff to share our beautiful songs. The Washington Youth Choir’s mission is to foster an environment where our children feel safe, comfortable, and free to be and express who they are – and you were a part of that. In fact, since all proceeds from the Spring Concert go towards practically supporting our initiative of changing lives with music, your presence at the event will be felt in more ways than one.

There’s no doubt that without the support of people like those in the audience of the Spring Concert, The MusicianShip wouldn’t be able to pour more resources into the Washington Youth Choir program to make it more meaningful for the students it serves.

“Washington Youth Choir students are truly a family. It shines from the inside out,” says Watkins. “You literally see and feel it in all of their photos, videos and live performances. The Washington Youth Choir doesn’t just shape lives – but it changes and saves lives – through the power of music and art.”

There are so many ways to support The MusicianShip’s mission, ambassadors, and students. You can volunteer your time to share your passion for music with our students. You can purchase one-of-a-kind fashion from The MusicianShip’s Apparel Initiative or simply make a donation. We even support employee matching gift programs!